July 15, 2015


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Delegate Teresa E. Reilly Scores 100% Rating in Maryland Business for Responsive Government’s 30th Edition of Roll Call

COLUMBIA, Md., July 15, 2015 – Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG), a statewide, nonpartisan, non-profit organization, has released the 2015 results of its annual publication Roll Call, now available online here: www.MBRG.org/Roll-Call.
Delegate Teresa E. Reilly scored 100% in this year’s General Assembly, indicating a pro-business position. MBRG considers cumulative scores above 70% as pro-business. Delegate Reilly stated that she “made small businesses a priority in my campaign for the House of Delegates and will continue to work with Governor Hogan to foster business in the State. We are ‘Open for Business’ “.

Each year, MBRG selects recorded votes from the most recent General Assembly session that have practical or philosophical importance to the widest possible range of Maryland businesses, trade associations, and chambers of commerce. MBRG identifies the selected bills in Roll Call and analyzes the votes to produce a score for each legislator.
Nine Senators and 34 Delegates received perfect scores of 100%, whereas seven Senators scored below 30%.
“Maryland’s pro-business legislators understand what it takes to create an economic climate that grows jobs and does not put all of our economic eggs in one federal government basket,” said Duane Carey, MBRG President. “They understand that we need to break down barriers to entrepreneurism and business ownership, and that the only sustainable economy is a well-diversified one. Delegate Reilly gets that.”
For the 2015 analysis, Roll Call analyzed 8 Senate votes and 11 House votes.


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